Speedgolf Starter Pack

Are you interested in trying speedgolf, but feeling intimidated?

  • Are you struggling to figure out where to play or what to say to the person at the pro shop?
  • Are you unsure what equipment you need, or whether you’re ready to play?
  • Are you worried about looking foolish on the course?


Imagine confidently stepping onto the tee for your first round of speedgolf

  • Picture yourself seamlessly navigating the tee time process
  • Imagine ticking items off your checklist as you pack for your round
  • Envision going through a focused warmup, getting ready to challenge a wide-open golf course with no golfers in front of you


The Speedgolf Starter Pack will help you get from the couch to the first tee, for free

You get:

  • Speedgolf Checklist: Every item you’ll need for your round, so there’s no guesswork the night before
  • Tee Time Script: Use this word-for-word script to get the first tee time of the day with no awkward conversation about “what is speedgolf” or “is this even allowed?”
  • Speedgolf Club Negotiation Guide: A guide to help you start a conversation with your local course about reserving a standing weekly tee time for speedgolfers, with a special rate
  • [COMING SOON] Speedgolf Warmup Audio Guide: Get your body and your golf game ready for a round of speedgolf with this 20-minute audio track

Don’t let intimidation hold you back any longer. Get your Speedgolf Starter Pack now and start your journey to becoming a confident, prepared speedgolfer.

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